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Forex and CFD Economic Calendar, all developments and movements in the world markets during the week. You can examine the issues such as indicators, forecasts, and the announcement of various financial reports of countries in a detailed way. Interpreting the economic calendar will help you in investing.


The Most Effective Tool to Follow Forex and CFD: Economic Calendar


In the FairMarkets economic calendar feed section, you can review the economic calendar with a certain date range, except for limited time periods such as today, tomorrow, and this week. Interpreting the economic calendar is more important than just following the economic calendar. Interpreting FairMarkets’s economic calendar correctly will help you in many areas.


What is Economic Calendar?


An economic calendar is helpful for traders to learn about upcoming news events that can shape their fundamental analysis. The briefing economic calendar is a resource that allows investors to learn about important economic information that is planned to be released. Such events may include GDP, consumer price index, and Nonfarm Employment report. In today's environment of financial rifts and central bank intervention, knowing the date of the next central bank meeting or big news announcement can be very helpful. Events on the economic calendar today are rated low, medium, and high based on possible market effects. This is what the daily economic calendar looks like.


Benefits of Using Forex Economic Calendar


The most important advantages of using the economic calendar are: Being able to manage risk effectively, Being in a position to plan ahead, and Having access to extra, useful features for customization. All these are unique elements of being a successful forex trader.


Economic Calendar for Risk Management


Being able to plan your trades according to economic data calendar events means you can prepare yourself for potential price turbulence. When an event listed on the economic calendar occurs, a period of volatility can be expected if data is published well above, below, or in line with expectations. Understand the risk management principle associated with these transactions. Risk is the difference between your entry price and the stop-loss multiplied by the position size. Investors should aim for this ratio to be less than 2% of account equity.


Be One Step Ahead with FairMarkets Economic Calendar


The forex economic calendar allows for advanced planning. For example, if a Nonfarm payroll report is to be published, investors will know that this indicator has the potential to move the FX markets significantly, so being aware of the timings means they can plan their FX trades accordingly. FairMarkets economic calendar offers the added benefit of custom features such as the customization option mentioned above that offers the ability to select specific timeframes, set alerts, and apply filters to make it more relevant to your particular trading strategy. You can also use FairMarkets website to plan around important newsletters.