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What is Learn & Earn?

Financial markets have some specific critical points if you wish to trade effectively. Especially when you engage in leveraged trading, you may raise some
questions like;


"What is Forex?"


“What is going long and short in the market?”


“What are the order types?”

You Will Find the Right Answer With Our Educational Program and Earn a 100 USD Bonus!

With Learn&Earn, you can access our educational videos covering fundamental aspects of Forex and trading. No matter what your level of experience is, you can find resources tailored to your needs.

The program consists of videos that cover Forex and trading and a quiz that traders can take to assess their knowledge. Traders who obtain a score of 70% or higher on the quiz will receive a $100 bonus.

To access the quiz, simply login to our platform. After you log in, you can take quizzes at your own pace and track your progress. And with our $100 tradable bonus, you can start trading with confidence and experience the thrill of the markets. Our Learn&Earn program is here to help you achieve your goals.

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Although the underlying concept seemed relatively easy at first sight, buying and selling multiple currencies, the reality is more complex. You can discover
the fundamentals of Forex trading here.


Trading is simply the act of purchasing and selling financial instruments. Taking advantage of price fluctuations may be profitable if done correctly.
However, it might be risky for novices and those who do not stick to a well-thought-out plan.


Learning how to trade investing instruments on the financial markets is crucial. Look at the e-books provided by Fairmarkets.

Forex Basics

What Is Forexs
What is Forex?

First, let's take a quick overview of the Forex markets. What is happening, when, where, and how?

Forex Basics: Going Short and Long
What is going long and short in the market?

Buying or selling financial products is all that they represent. What exactly are the details?

Forex Basics: Order Types
What are the order types?

Navigating the forex order maze: A guide to understand and differentiate types of orders.


Trading: Stop Out
When do I Receive a Margin Call & What is a Stop-Out?

Managing risk in the foreign exchange market through margin calls and stop-outs.

Trading: Stop-Loss
Why Place Stop-Losses

Stop-losses are like a safety belt on a rough ride. Why are they so important?

Trading: Candlesticks

Candlesticks: A bright and illuminating way to chart price movements in financial markets.

E book


Understanding charts is the first step for every trader. Charts visualize market data and provide a quick analysis opportunity for Forex traders.

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Candlesticks is a popular type of chart that delivers more or less the same data as bar charts, but with additional coloring that represents the market direction.

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It all starts with a brilliant strategy… But how to build your own winning formula? Creating strategies can be challenging for beginners.

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